lots of pictures of your kids and nothing to show for it?


Make a photo book today

The Albums is the easiest place to make custom photo books for your kids.  These 7 inch x 7 inch soft-cover books are perfect for little hands to hold as you and your kids remember your favorite moments together.

AND it will be online for years to come

Every photo book you make also has a beautiful online version that can be seen today by aunts & uncles  and best friends far away...  and by your kids when they are off to college or have kids of their own. 


what story will you tell first?


When you were born

Help big brothers and sisters celebrate a baby’s arrival with a photo book of their own birth. Hearing the story of those first moments after she showed up in the world will help her know what to expect from baby brother or sister’s first days!

The Albums Co-0021.jpg

Your first year

Make a book of your child’s first year and use the captions to tell him what he was like as a baby and the things you loved about that season with him.

The Albums Co-0005.jpg

Our vacation

Use all those pictures you took on your last vacation to tell them the story of the trip. Then they can re-live all those fun memories you had together over and over!

The Albums Co-0041.jpg

The things you say

Fill up a book with your favorite pictures and quotes from your child. A perfect way to capture your days together and document the amazing things they say.



In 2012, my husband and I were anticipating the beginning of our family, living far from home, and talking about the type of place we would want to store and share our pictures of our kids. We didn’t want to use social media because we wanted to just share with the people who really cared about the details of our family. I didn’t want to start a blog because it felt like too much time and pressure for me. And we really, really wanted a place online that would give us the same type of feeling we had as we flipped through the old photo albums our parents had when we were kids.

The more we talked about it, the more we realized the place we hoped for just wasn’t out there yet.

And so, even though we had other work we loved, we decided to spend our weekends building it. Within weeks of our first daughter’s birth, The Albums was online. I had a new DSLR, a kid I was absolutely crazy about, and a perfect place to keep my favorite pictures and share them with our family.

As she got a bit older, I wanted to get the story I was telling with those pictures - her story - into her hands. And so we started printing photo books. I made her books telling her the story of her birth, the funny things she said when she was learning to talk, and the things her dad and I loved most about her. She was crazy about them. Now some of those older books have fingerprint smudges and wrinkled or torn pages, but man, I love how they’ve been loved.

We started out thinking that The Albums would be a side business but as our family grew we realized we didn't have space in our lives to try to make it a business. I searched and searched for a place where I could easily make a photo book that told a story like the ones I’d been telling my daughter, but I couldn’t find one. So we decided to keep The Albums online - just for us and as a gift for anyone who’d like to use it.

It's still an online home for your family's favorite pictures. However, instead of ordering a photo book  of the albums you make here directly from us like you could do before, now you can request a PDF, free of charge, of your book that will be sent to your email. Then you can easily upload it at Blurb and order it through them. This allows us to get out of the way and keep this simple and sustainable for our family and yours. 

We so appreciate all of you who have ordered photo books at The Albums and we hope they’ve become your kids’ favorite bedtime stories!

Sarah & Andrew

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a photo book cost?
Any online album you make is automatically made into a PDF and emailed to you. You then directly upload it to Blurb and order their 7x7 inch softcover books. They have deals all of the time so make sure you order your book with one of their coupon codes. Here is the information for their pricing and options for these 7x7 in books.  

Do you ship internationally? How much does shipping cost?
Photo Books made online at The Albums and ordered through Blurb can be shipped to over 50 countries. See shipping locations and costs here. 

How do I check the status of my order?
Blurb handles all photo book orders and should send you an email when your book ships. You can contact them directly with any questions you have. 

What is your return policy?
Because you pay for and order your books directly through Blurb, The Albums is not responsible for any returns or refunds with your photo book orders.